To see a breakdown of your fees on an event you've already created:

The payment processing fees are lower than PayPal's fees and can be included in the ticket price.

Get started now. The invoice needs to be paid 30 days from the date its sent.

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Fees per country

The service fees vary per package, country, and currency. Review invoices Apple Pay and Google Pay allow your attendees to safely and quickly buy tickets from their phones with just one click. Eventbrite Payment Processing is the easiest way to take payments online.

Eventbrite Service Fee:1% + z2.99 per sold ticket

The majority of organisers who pass fees to their buyers pay nothing out of pocket to use Eventbrite!

Limited availability***

The easiest way to collect ticket payment online and securely deposit ticket sales directly into your bank account.

Hong Kong SAR China, Japan, Sweden, Thailand

Eventbrite Service Fee: 6.99% per sold ticket.

When you create a paid ticket type, you can choose who will pay the fees.