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Reducing odor, maintaining the health of livestock and decreasing incidence of disease are the major challenges for livestock industry. In order to solve these problems, it is important to maintain a conducive environment. However, overcrowded animal husbandry operations have become common in recent years. Due to overcrowding, animals are raised in a high stress environment with strong odors and poor hygienic conditions. Because of this, there is a risk of infectious outbreak and common measures against these tend to employ excessive use of antibiotics and disinfectants..

Merits of using EM.1® products in animal husbandry

The primary benefit of using EM.1® products in animal husbandry is that the various microorganisms contained in EM.1® and metabolites produced by these microorganisms improve the microflora not only in barns, but also inside the bodies of animals. Spraying EM.1® inside the barn will improve hygiene for livestock. Also, mixing EM.1® into their drinking water and mixing EM.1® Bokashi into their feed to condition the intestinal environment of livestock will have beneficial effects such as the prevention of disease.

Benefits of using EM.1® products in livestock farming:

Amelioration of malodors
EM.1® will reduce offensive odors resulting from buildup of ammonia and trimethylamine, which are alkaline. Organic acids contained in EM.1® have acidic properties, so spraying EM.1® will chemically neutralize them and the smell will be suppressed rapidly. Spraying EM.1® regularly will colonize beneficial bacteria, which will suppress the growth of putrefying bacteria. Also, feeding animals with ration which incorporates EM.1® Bokashi will improve their internal microbiota and thereby reduce the offensiveness of the odors from manure.

Decrease dosages of antibiotics and disinfectant
Spraying EM.1® inside the barns as well as adding EM.1® to feed and drinking water for animals will improve the microbial environment of the whole barn, including the intestinal bacteria flora of the livestock, and maintain the health of the entire operation. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the usage of antibiotics and disinfectant to prevent diseases.

Reduce stress on livestock
Stress on livestock inhibits healthy growth, and causes a reduction in productivity and an increase in mortality rates. Spraying EM.1® inside barns will improve the environment in which livestock is raised by ameliorating bad smells, decreasing the number of flies, etc.

Increase productivity (by improving feed conversion ratio and lowering mortality rates).
Using EM.1® regularly for animal husbandry will improve livestock health, decrease the incidence of diseases and increase productivity. In pig farming, incidence of diarrhea will reduce growth rates and is one of the causes of animal death. Application of EM.1® will adjust the intestinal environment and ameliorate diarrhea as well as improve the efficiency of digestion and increase feed conversion rates (FCR), thereby increasing the productivity.

Improved quality of animal products (meet, milk, eggs).
Spraying EM.1® in barns will improve mal-odor and adding EM.1® to feed and drinking water will improve animals’ intestinal environment, thereby maintaining livestock health so that they will be less likely to fall ill. As a result, quality of fat will improve, there is no distinctive meat smell, products will stay fresh for longer periods and the taste and quality of animal products will improve. Also, it is possible to reduce usage of vaccines and antibiotics, thus supporting safer production of animal products from the standpoint of both producers and consumers.

Additional benefits
Composting of livestock excreta: Using EM.1® products will reduce mal-odor so it is easier to handle compost. EM.1® also accelerates fermentation and the production of compost.
Adding EM.1® and EM.1® Bokashi to feed and drinking water for the livestock will regulate the intestines of livestock and thus, reduce the odor of their excreta. Excreta dries faster and the composting time will be shortened. Also, using EM.1® enables the manufacture of high quality compost which has a soil improving effect

Resolve drainage problems and improve waste water treatment in the livestock barn by spraying EM.1® inside the barn.
Livestock excreta sprayed with EM.1® does not have strong odor and spoilage is suppressed, thus waste water treatment can be handled more smoothly. Also, pouring EM.1® into septic tanks will promote purification. As a result, it is possible to reduce foul odors of livestock waste water, promote the decomposition of sewage, reduce sludge and effectively utilize slurry.