Effective Microorganisms

Why EM.1® ?


Application of EM.1® technology has the potential to contribute significantly to the general improvement in our state of health and to sustain this in a number of ways:

1. By affording greater environmental protection and ensuring an economic food supply of safe, high-quality foods through its use in agriculture;

2. By solving problems of environmental pollution by means of large-scale recycling operations, which would simultaneously reduce wanton use of our precious natural resources;

3. Finally, by enhancing our natural ability to heal ourselves.

The founder of EM.1® , Dr. Teruo Higa, aims for a future in which the common problems faced by human beings – food crises, environmental degradation, health care, etc – are solved. He is hoping that EM.1® will be one of the most potent tools to respond to these problems. Growing food using EM.1® products can help make both producers and consumers healthy and will enrich the ecosystem

EM.1® is used both in national and volunteer projects

People who empathize with Dr. Higa’s philosophy are conducting various activities in fields such as agriculture or environmental remediation around the world. For example, in Thailand, EM.1® products are used in the conservation oriented agriculture (environmentally-friendly farming) program which has been put forward by the King. In Malaysia, in order to purify the contaminated aquatic environment, an EM.1® Mudball Event was held and 1.2 million Mudballs were thrown into rivers. In recent years, EM.1® Mudball Events have been held every year throughout the world. In this way, activities and events are spreading both through national initiatives and volunteer projects.

Participate in the Green Future using EM.1® products

You can easily participate in the Green Future using EM.1® products. Originally, EM.1® was developed for use in agriculture, but now it is used in various fields and in the home. Try using it for cleaning your house, as well as for your kitchen garden, and the benefits of microorganisms will spread to the surrounding environment, since our kitchens (and drain pipes) are ultimately connected to lakes, rivers and the ocean. If we can maximize the potential of EM.1® in combination with the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), we believe that it will help us farm sustainably, protect the natural environment and maintain people’s health.