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Welcome to Feedpro Emax Limited!

Happy New Year 2021! Heri ya Mwaka Mpya 2021!

This website describes the range of products and services as well as our engagement to promote the use of EM.1® technology in Tanzania.

EM.1® technology is a unique technology invented by Prof. Teruo Higga in Japan and it is a widely used technology worldwide. In Tanzania, the technology was advocated by EMTECH Foundation Co. Ltd, and it is now traded by our company.

You will find wide use of the technology and testimonies of various users of our extended products of EM.1®. Our range of products are available at very affordable prices and easy to use for farming, livestock rearing, fish keeping, waste management and biogas enhancement.

We aim to partner with various organizations, particularly those who are concerned with consumption of non-chemical farm produce through nature farming, to promote rural development. Should you consider to buy our products, we will offer you unique prices and we will arrange the logistics required for the delivery.

I hope you will find this website helpful and interesting, and that you will be our regular visitor. We have taken great care to ensure that information provided in this website is accurate, correct and up-to-date, based on various researches and our partner networks globally. We will keep you updated through the use of our social media accounts, such as, Instagram: @emtechtz, @em1tanzania and @feedprotz. You can also find us on Facebook Group “Watumiaji wa EM Tanzania”. We warmly welcome you to use our products or continue using and embracing the EM.1® technology.

If you have further inquiries about this technology, we are available to offer the help you are looking for. Send us your inquiries through our Contacts page.

We look forward to meet you. Karibuni Sana!