FeedPro EMAX


Improving Lives Through
Appplication of EM.1® Technology

Feedpro Emax Limited is a trading company for EM.1® and associated products in Tanzania. Its Operations include the following:

1. Researching – Innovating new products through various trials resulting from EM.1® technology.

2. Training of farmers and community groups on the use of EM.1® in various areas – agriculture and livestock.

3. Marketing and sales of EM.1® and EM.1® associated products

The FeedPro EMax Journey


EMTECH Foundation Co. Ltd

EMRO Japan recognized EMTECH Foundation Co. Ltd as Sole distributor of EM.1® in Tanzania – Offered Certificate in 2011, Nairobi Kenya as EM Tanzania.


Field Trials

Applied and approved for undertaking trials on the use of EM.1® in Tanzania by the National Biological Control Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture (2014 applied, 2015 approved for trials). Presentation of Results of trials to National Biological Control Agency – 2016.


Trial Results

Secured Certification for EM.1® as a biological product for the use in agriculture, livestock, biogas enhancer and environment management.


Our Focus

Marketing and Distribution of EM.1® and associated products.

Our trials in agriculture, livestock, biogas, and environment management based on organic waste showed improvement in yield, nutritional value and livelihood of the small scale farmers by use of locally available resources.

Our trials with small holder farmers and commercial farmers – Kagera Tea Company recorded 70% increase in Green tea leaf, by use of 20% of the costs.

Proper application of EM.1® is believed to have ability to impact up to 400% on the value of the investment of small holder farmers in agriculture and livestock keeping. We can partner with Non-State Actors and Local government institution to demonstrate this in a local community setting of up to 1,000 households.

Field Trial Results


Water Treatment


Crop Production


Livestock Raising