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About EMTECH Foundation

EMTECH Foundation Ltd is a non-profit making organization, aimed to promote the use of EM.1®technology and other renewable technologies to improve livelihood of Tanzanians. It is registered under the Companies Act, as a Company limited by Guarantee. EMTECH is owned by Tanzanians it is located in Changanyikeni, near the University of Dar es Salaam.

The Foundation is also focused to forge partnerships with the existing research institutions, Local Government Authorities and other Non-State Actors to provide training  in selected rural areas, religious institutions, secondary school and primary schools on the use of EM.1® technology for agriculture, livestock and environment management .


EMTECH Activities

Demonstration Farms

We undertake training of EM.1® through the use of demonstration farms. Currently we operate a demonstration farm in Yombo in Bagamoyo District.

We are also planning for such farms and demonstration sites in Mbeya, Arusha, Morogoro, Kigoma, Dodoma and Mwanza.


Community Projects

EMTECH Foundation Limited is working on various community groups in providing training on the use of EM.1® to among other improve livelihood of the rural community groups. EMTECH work with other partners in the rural areas and the government based on the existing projects and frameworks of operations.

Sample Project: Shimbi Poultry Project

Sponsoring Research on EM.1®

The Foundations seeks to sponsor students undertaking research by the use of EM.1® based on the terms and conditions to be agreed with the foundation. EMTECH provides EM.1® free charge and sponsor other activities as well. We have sponsored such students in Sokoine University, Ardhi University, State University of Zanzibar and Water Resources Institute. In the future we will announce call for sponsorship for the areas of our interest to various institutions in Tanzania.

Public Education

We provide public education on the use of EM.1® in Tanzania. We have been participating in public events such as Nanenane in 2018 in Arusha, Morogoro and Simiyu. In 2019 we will participate in several regions in addition to our participation in 2018 to include Dodoma, Mwanza, Mtwara and Mbeya.

You can visit our Instagram page and Facebook

Soon we will roll out public education through radios and televisions.


EM.1® Applications

EM.1® in Agriculture

EM.1® was originally developed for the use in Agriculture. Effective microorganism has thus a huge use in the Agriculture sector especially on the following areas:

  • Soil Improvement
    • 1. Many of the small holder farmers rely on the imported fertilizers which is expensive and sometimes not available on time.
    • 2. Chemical fertilizer is known to its negative effects on soil and final products.
    • 3. Fertilizers made from EM.1® is effective and can be applied to a rate of 600gms per square meter.
    • 4. EM.1® also can be used to produce a biological control product which can be used to combat pests at different stages of plant growth.
    • 5. EMTECH provide training on how to use EM.1® to make compost fertilizer.

EM.1® in Livestock

EM•1® has a wide range of applications in livestock production. It can be used to make Bokashi which is a feed addictive to animals like Cows, Pigs, Chicken, and several other livestock. EM•1® solution can be added to drinking water of several animals. EM•1® also can be used to clean the surrounding air by removing odor smell which is can cause dangerous bacteria to flourish and thus causing diseases. EM•1® solutions when applied reduces incidences of flied, tick ticks and other undesirable insect pests.

Several Other advantages can be derived from the use of EM•1® such as

  • 1. Quality meat for cows and chicken
  • 2. Quality organic eggs for poultry
  • 3. Better health for the animals and thus reduce requirement for regular  medication and antibiotics
  • 4. Reduce stress factors for the animals
  • 5. Better fertility and growth


EM.1® in Environment

EM•1® has been used widely to manage environment. Application is based has been based on the following:

  • 1. Cleaning toilets and control odor smell in the jails/ army centers.
  • 2. General cleaning in the environment.
  • 3. Maintaining lawns.
  • 4. Application for bio gas enhancement.
  • 5. Decomposition of the organic matter >> waste from kitchen.
  • 6. Treating waste water in hospitals, schools, abattoirs and municipal waste water stabilization ponds.

Aug 8th each year is International EM•1® Mud Ball Day to protect the environment.