Eco City Development Project

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An Eco-city Development Project to Create Healthy and Balanced Environment

Tanah Sutera Development Company, with EM Research Organization as technical adviser, has developed an area of 487ha at the western corridor of Johor Bahru City.
The area is mainly divided into two regions, namely Taman Sutera and Taman Sutera Utama, and the city is constructed with its housing, school, hospital and commercial facilities.

To make the city eco-sensitive, Tanah Sutera Development put up a “5R” principle, with a concept of Green Vision, i.e., “To create a zero waste and green living environment starting with Tanah Sutera residents and expanding to our community and to the society at large”. The 5R stands for five words that start with the letter “R”, namely, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink and Responsible. “
Reduce” means to reduce food wastes and to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.
“Reuse” means to reuse existing technologies and materials.
“Recycle” means to recycle wastes into useful materials.
“Rethink” means to rethink our consumption behaviors and old habits, thereby incorporating more green features into our design.
“Responsible” means to be a responsible member of the community and to ensure the health and environment for us as well as for our children.

In 2009, Johor State Government introduced the use of EM Technology to Tanah Sutera Development and they decided use EM Technology in the design of the eco city.

Roadside Trees and other Plantings in the Park

In the eco-city the use of the pesticides is cut to a bare minimum. Instead, EM Technology is applied to promote the healthy growing of plants. Activated EM・1 is spraying widely for green spaces everywhere in the city. These efforts produce plants that are resistant to agricultural disease and pest.

Ponds in the Park

The excessive inflow into the ponds of the substance of concern such as phosphorus or other chemicals is liable to impair the cleaning ability of the eco-system.
This lead to the accumulation of polluted sludge and accelerated growth of corruptive microorganisms along with the production of foul smell. In order to maintain the natural cleaning capacity inherent in eco-system, addition of EM and/or EM mudballs into the polluted site will support the increasing beneficial microorganisms in the environment.

Wastewater Treatment at School

Drainage is first poured into an oxidation pond for natural depuration.
The water that reached the level below the predetermined reference is discharged to the river. Periodical addition of EM and/or EM mudballs is also scheduled to maintain the cleaning capability of the eco-system.

Cleaning of toilets and floors in the shopping mall

Efforts are made to reduce the use of bleaching agents and bactericidal agents to the extent possible at the Sutera Mall.
Application of EM is keeps beneficial microorganisms by suppressing the growth of putrid and pathogenic bacteria.

Kitchen Garbage Management

The kitchen garbage output from standard homes or public facilities is recycled with EM Technology to be used as organic fertilizer in the field or for other plantings.
Recycling of old newspapers and plastic (PET) bottles is being carried out as well.

Environmental Education

Meetings for environmental education are organized periodically at school or in local community to nurture the sound attitude towards nature, life and environment.
Tanah Sutera provides opportunities for learning the basic knowledge and efficient application of EM Technology.

Construction and Architecture

Inclusion of EM materials into concrete, enhances its strength. This fact was confirmed by Tanah Sutera’s own examinations. Processing construction materials with EM Technology is effective to prevent sick house syndrome and allergies for chemical sensitive persons.
Tanah Sutera has built a group of condominiums named “The Seed” totally constructed with EM materials in its concrete.
EM Research Organization provides with the EM materials for construction as well as technical advice and support.
The site of constructions is also totally sprayed with Activated EM・1 to keep the balance of the beneficial microorganisms.