Self Sustainable Zoo

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Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean Sea. 

Curacao Zoo is known for being an eco-friendly zoo where visitors can learn and experience about animals and nature.
It was originally a botanical garden that later changed to a zoo with exotic and tropical animals.
This zoo is administrated by the government of Curacao island and aims to save endagered species.

As an eco-friendly zoo, they focused on EM Technology and today EM is applied overall the zoo and gardens


The Curacao Zoo educates their staff about the use of EM Technology and how to activate EM・1 in the zoo. EM・1 is activated every week for disinfecting the zoo all.
The staff feel safe and happy using a natural product like EM instead of chemicals that were used by decades because people did not know about the toxicity.

They also add some EM in drinking water and feed to control animals health condition.

As for daily general maintenance of their garden and farming area, they also use Activated EM・1 and also EM compost made from their own kitchen garbage.

Today, they concern about using eco and human-friendly products and they use EM sistematically and wisely ap


Cost Reduction
Curacao Zoo had a lot of financial issues for long time because is supported by a small amount from the government that barely helps to maintain the zoo open.
One of the major problems was cleaning items that includes disinfectants and antibacterial agents that meant a monthly cost of about USD2250.
EM not only is good for the environment and animals but also good for their budget.

Further, Curacao Zoo produces about 700kg of waste every week that they used to send to a landfill. This was a high cost for the zoo but today, the staff pile up kitchen garbage and ferment it with EM to make compost. Therefore, the zoo is happy to save money and make possible a self-sustainable system.

Better Crops
After applying EM in their daily general maintenance of their garden and farming area, they got healthy crops and delicious.
They expressed that “good crops means good diet and good diet means healthy animals”.

Healthier Animals
By adding EM in animals diet, they are full of life, have beautiful coats and are more active.

Doing the Best for a Better Island 
Curacao zoo is now fully dedicated to educate their community of about 150,000 residents plus tourists and aims to make a better island applying EM in every step of their daily life.